Hi, I’m Angus and i’ve have been working as a coach for a number of years, focusing on developing and implementing training plans which encourage physical and mental development.

Through my own training and experiences, I am a firm believer in the lifestyle benefits that are possible through a structured and well balanced training plan, both in terms of physical development and the subsequent mental progression. I have a continuous desire to positively effect the lives of my clients and develop a community with shared ideals that can benefit from the experiences of everybody within it.

One of my key drivers is to enable all my clients to become “the very best versions of themselves” and be able to confidently tackle the daily challenges we all face. The idea of clients feeling guilty for enjoying their lives does not sit well with me and I take pride in codeveloping suitable programmes to meet every client’s specific needs. I truly believe that to get the very best results it must be fun!


you get


1:1 Personal training

1:1 sessions with myself following a continuous training program based on your goals.


Online coaching

Personally customised training program, Personal meal plan, login to an online tracker, direct chat with me and regular updates.


Custom workout and meal plans

Updated meal plan based around your personal macros, calculated in relation to your lifestyle and goals.


public speaking

There is so much rubbish out there relating to nutrition, from fad diets to superfoods. I am here today to eliminate the grey areas and change your whole perspective on fitness and nutrition.





Online coaching provides a platform for me to hold you accountable to your fitness objectives, and it is this very sense of accountability that will lead you towards a healthier more positive and well balanced life for years to come.

This is so much more than just buying a plan and hoping to stick to it, without anybody truly caring whether or not you achieved your targets or progressed in any way. I will guide you through the training and nutrition so that together we are able to improve in all aspects of your health regimen and enjoy the balance we all need in life!

The programme will be completely personalised and will take into account your own feedback and specific results. We will be able to amend or revamp things so as to truly achieve the best results in the most efficient way.

Most of all, plans are designed to be interesting, ever changing and fun so you never get bored as we progress on this journey together.


There’s such a glut of misleading information out there, and most of it repackages and over complicates things beyond recognition! I work with people that want simple and effective plans that skirt over the fad diets and boring exercise plans!


You’re just starting out on your fitness journey

You have been training for some time, but are no longer seeing any progress

You’re ready to make a positive change in your life

You want to develop both physically and mentally into the best version of yourself

You want a healthier relationship with food

You want to escape the pitfalls of consumer driven generic training plans

You are prepared to work hard for it

Applying is non-commital





A Personal Trainer that tells you the truth, lays down a solid plan and makes you see results fast? Yes, believe it or not they are out there… and here’s how one in particular ignited my new found love of fitness. On September the 16th at around 1pm I sat down with one for the first time and we set an unthinkable target: Lose 20kg in 28 weeks (WITHOUT changing my diet). So, I went for it. Believed everything I was told and committed to the gym 5 times a week.

Day-to-day the support, motivation and honesty I received from this PT was and still is unparalleled. But did I lose 20kg in that time frame? Yes, because this PT didn’t let me quit. I dropped from 118kg to 98kg by going to the gym consistently for six months. I feel physically and mentally like a new man and I don’t think I will ever quit because if I did this PT would drive to my house and stand outside my front door with a foghorn, screaming at me not to quit, especially when the hard part is done. The PT is called Angus Warburton. And if you just want to hear the truth from the beginning, sign up. It will be the best decision you make this decade.

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As an active person, I found I wasn’t reaching the goals I wanted to and decided I needed a little something extra. I reached out to Angus for online training and from my experience thus far would highly recommend him. He gave me a structure and motivation I didn’t realise I needed until I had it! Angus provided a backbone to reaching my goals which was professional, fun and challenging. His workouts accommodated my needs and schedule, and only a message away he is flexible to any changes which might occur.

Most importantly, whilst I have achieved the weight-loss I wanted, and continue to do so, Angus also has given me a wider knowledge about fitness, nutrition and the fads of the diet/fitness world and sky-rocketed my confidence! If you’re looking for change in your life, be that structure, weight-loss or confidence Angus is 100% worth a chat to. I have recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so! His happiness and passion to do his job well is second-to-non and I am so happy to have him to push me through the hard days and DOMS towards my next goals

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I had been running regularly and training in a gym for a few years, but wanted to push myself harder. I felt that I had plateaued. I was so fortunate to find Angus. Everything changed from the first connection. He wanted to understand my diet so asked me to keep a diary for a week and show him. I thought I was pretty knowledgable about nutrition, but Angus encouraged me to make simple, barely noticeable, changes that had a big impact. He starts every session with mobility and stretching (I had always previously started with cardio).

However, the real change was the weight training. Every session is different. Angus watches me like a hawk, adjusting my technique, and altering the weights to maximise gains and minimise potential injury. He somehow manages to get that extra rep out of me! He asks about my activities between sessions; nudges me to push harder and celebrates my successes. His EQ is impressive. Angus is passionate about his role and genuinely engaged with, and interested in, his clients. He reads widely, and has a broad fitness community via which he keeps close to the ever-developing world of well-being. It helps that he is simply a good guy with a wicked sense of humour and irony, never taking himself too seriously.

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